Milk & Eggs FAQ

Where does 365 Organic Everyday Value Milk originate?

365 Organic Everyday Value Milk is produced by the nation's leading cooperative of organic family farmers who promote regional farm diversity and economic stability. During their entire lives, the cows producing our organic milk will receive only 100% certified organic feed and are never fed antibiotics or artificial growth hormones. The co-op's farmers are dedicated to practices such as pasturing and allowing animals to express their natural behaviors.

Is 365 Organic Everyday Value Milk pasteurized?

Yes! All 365 Organic Everyday Value Milk is pasteurized using the high temperature - short time (HTST) method and is never ultra-high temperature (UHT) pasteurized. By using HTST pasteurization, we are able to effectively destroy any harmful bacteria in the milk without compromising the taste or integrity.

Is 365 and 365 Organic Everyday Value Milk free of synthetic growth hormones?

Yes! 365 and 365 Organic Everyday Value Milk is from cows that are NEVER given synthetic growth hormones like rBGH. Due to the structure of the commodity milk market, it is not possible to guarantee that milk other than our Private Label and other organic milks are from cows not given rBGH. Both organic producers and our Private Label producers are audited by third-party inspectors to verify compliance with this policy.

Under the National Organic Standards, organic dairy animals may not be given rBGH.

Although 365 Everyday Value Milk is not organic, it is produced by dairy farms committed to the production of milk that does not contain the synthetic growth hormone rBGH. If a cow does require antibiotics it is taken from the herd and quarantined until the antibiotics have passed through her system.

What about other Private Label products containing milk? Are they rBGH free?

Whole Foods Market does not support the use of the synthetic growth hormones like rBGH in dairy production. 365 and 365 Organic Everyday Value Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, and Butter are all sourced from vendors that do not use these synthetic growth hormones.

We do not mandate that the milk and dairy ingredients in all other Private Label products be sourced from rBGH-free vendors. Our skilled team of buyers keep this important issue in mind when sourcing products that contain milk or dairy and, whenever possible, request rBGH-free ingredients.

Any product labeled with organic milk or dairy ingredients is guaranteed to never have been treated with rBGH.

Are your Private Label eggs cage-free?

Yes. All of the hens that provide our Private Label eggs are kept in a hen house which offers complete mobility. They have room to run around on the ground and usually their feed is placed up on a ledge. They can move freely between these spaces. The hens are provided with as much natural light as possible for 16 hours per day. Artificial light is used to supplement natural light, when needed, to fulfill the 16 hours per day. There are no hens on 100% artificial lighting.

A skilled worker is on-site 24 hours to ensure the safety of the chickens.