What Is Health Starts Here®?

Health Starts Here

At its core, Health Starts Here is a mindful approach to healthy eating that’s rooted in simple ways to build better meals. But it’s much more than that: It’s also a practical in-store guide that you can use to choose the healthiest foods. Look for Health Starts Here-labeled foods in our salad and hot bars as well as prepared meals in the self- and full-serve cases.

All foods with the Health Starts Here logo follow these guidelines:

  1. We put plants at the center of the plate. Health Starts Here items may contain up to 3 ounces lean meat or fish and minimal eggs and dairy, but nutrient-dense plant-based foods are the real stars.
  2. We go for whole grains. Health Starts Here items feature whole grains with the option of up to 50% non-whole-grain flour.
  3. We build flavor without excess salt and sugar. Health Starts Here items contain a maximum 4:1 ratio of sodium milligrams to calories, and no more than 35% of calories come from added sugars.
  4. We prioritize healthy fats from whole food sources. Health Starts Here items derive no more than 35% of calories from added fat and less than 15% of calories from saturated fat.

So look for the Health Starts Here logo next time you visit our stores and get ready to take charge, eat well and feel great!