A+ After-School Snacks

Kids running for the fridge as soon as their backpacks are off? These tasty after-school snacks are not only easy to prepare, they’re delicious and kid-approved!

Busy school days mean busy brains need a refresh. What better way than with a wholesome after-school snack? These snack recipes use familiar flavors (PB&J anyone?) prepared in new ways. From poppable bites to savory spreads, these snacks will satisfy any kid — or kid at heart.

Looking to avoid peanuts? While many of our recipes use peanut butter, a simple swap of sunflower seed butter will make these treats allergy-friendly. If your kids are a bit more adventurous, try adding spices like cardamom or flavored extracts to boost flavor without adding fat, sugar or calories.

Kids can help make these recipes, too. It’s been proven that having kids help out in the kitchen increases their interest in food, so be prepared for lots of happy snacking ahead!

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